Bangalow Market


4th Sunday of Every Month

The North Coast of NSW is home to a culture steeped in rural traditions, with country towns and villages nestled in the lush green hills and valleys formed from ancient volcanoes. With Nimbin to the west and Byron Bay to the east Bangalow is in the centre of the counter culture. The village is an historical treasure. The markets on the 4th Sunday of every month are a gathering of locals; a get-together of artists, artisans, bakers, victuallers, therapists, farmers and friends. And from afar visitors are welcomed to join the day. You can hear the languages of people from far off lands, backpackers and celebrities alike make a day of the markets. The Bangalow Market Day is a treat for day trippers a retreat from the city and rush of the Gold Coast, Bangalow provides a window into another world. Come for the day and have lunch with us.